'No one can see his reflection in running water, but only in still water. Only that which is itself still can bring stillness to all who seek after stillness.' Chuang Tzu

Chi Kung

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is generally practised for health, relaxation and stress control, bringing us more awareness of the internal structure of the body through direct experience. Standing meditations such as Zhan Zhuang are taught for stamina and relaxation, and health exercises working with the meridian system include Ba Duann Jin (eight strands of the brocade), Eighteen Shibashi, Snake Palm Chi Kung and sundry other exercises picked up along the way. Sitting meditative practice is taught one to one

Chi Kung

The Chinese philosophies are based on the idea of an interdependent web of energy patterns which permeate all life. In the outer landscape, arranging our surroundings to harmonise with these natural flows is Feng Shui. In the human being, exercises to observe and regulate these patterns are called Chi Kung (literally "energy work") The Chinese character for chi has several other connotations - air, breath, vital essence.

Chi Kung is linked to acupuncture and shiatsu as it uses the same conceptual framework of the meridian system through which energy flows. Physical exercises are used to encourage chi flow. The practice of Chi Kung depends on deep relaxation, and an observation of processes within the body. There are many different varieties of Chi Kung, ranging from standing meditation to dynamic flowing hand forms, all of which are designed to organise the individuals energy field and thus bring health, vitality and increased awareness.

Internal exercises

External Chi Kung exercises (Wai Dan) focus on moving the body externally, whereas Nei Dan exercises are done from a static position, using the mind to move chi around the body. A common misconception is that all chi is the same; the Chinese system divides chi in human beings into ching (essence), chi (internal energy or current) and shen (spirit). Everything in existence has ching , anything alive has chi but only human beings are capable of having shen .