Classes and Courses

People of all ages and abilities are welcome at our weekly classes, including visitors to the Lake District.

Most classes include Qigong (Chi Kung), Form Practice and structured partnerwork or applications. Our overall aim is to provide a balanced practice alongside an understanding of T'ai Chi principles that can be applied to all areas of our lives.

Our courses are open to anyone with an enthusiasm for T'ai Chi

Classes 2010-11



Individual or Small Group Lessons

(contact Dee/John for details)

Grizebeck Village Hall 6.15 - 7.15 (with Mike)

Broughton -in-Furness Victory Hall 7.45 - 8.45 (with Mike)



Windermere Ladyholme Centre

7 - 8.30 Improvers 24 step Form /Flute Form (with Dee)
8.30 - 10 Experienced, Double Fan Form (with John)



Staveley Dance Studio

12.30 - 1.30 lunchtime Qigong (with John), beginners welcome

Some Private lessons with John available.


Ambleside Parish Centre 10 - 11.30am (with Dee)

All levels - beginners welcome (short Yang form, fan form)

Milnthorpe Athenaeum-Heversham 7.30 - 9.00pm (with Dee) Improvers, (handform, Flute form and partnerwork)




Kendal Leisure Centre 2 - 3pm (with Dee)

Drop-in Beginners (Qigong and Tai Chi Basics)

3 - 4pm Experienced (Weapon Forms and Pushing Hands)

Enrolment :

Men and women of all ages welcome at our friendly weekly classes.

You are always welcome to come and try a class before enrolling.

Contact us for details of start dates, costs, etc.

For Hazel's classes in Kendal and Arnside contact her direct on the link below


For Dee's and John's classes


Dee Swift

For Hazel's classes

For Mike's classes

Hazel Hunt


Mike Leese

COURSES 2010 -11

Please book in advance


Pencak Silat Revision Day with John Bolwell

Saturday 9 October 10-3

Crook Village Hall

We will work on the movements we have already learnt and if time permits,

finish the form. (Hooray!)

£25, Bring a packed lunch



Pushing Hands and Partnerwork with John Bolwell

Saturday 13th November

Crook Village Hall 10-3

By popular demand, a full day devoted to exploring the principles of Tai Chi in relation to a partner - sensitivity practice, awareness exercises and martial applications.

A chance to immerse yourself in Tai Chi for Two! All welcome.

£25 Bring a packed lunch.



Lee Family Style with Lavinia Warr

Sunday 21st November

A day with expert and lineage holder of the Lee family style, Lavinia Warr.

Lavinia will introduce the short competition form, and give us an insight into this style. All are welcome including beginners.

Ladyholme Centre Windermere 10.30 - 4pm £30

Please bring something for a Jacob's join lunch



Christmas Practice Day

Saturday 4th December 10-3

Crook Memorial Hall, Crook

Usual mixture of guest teachers, practice, good food and socialising.

Free, but donations to cost of room hire welcome.

Please bring a contribution for the buffet. All welcome, including beginners.




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