T'ai Chi Links

T'ai Chi Links

Lakes Tai Chi has close associations with North Manchester's Pennine Tai Chi

There are also some web sites listed below that give good information on T'ai Chi and give an insight into some of the variety of approaches that you may come across.



LINKS -Manchester area

Pennine T'ai Chi and Internal Arts
(John Bolwell) 



T'ai Chi Union for Great Britain - this is possibly the best British site for general information
Tai Chi classes, Info and shop
Internal Martial Arts (including T'ai Chi and Aikido)
For comparative religion, mysticism, etc
White Tiger Taiji School
Tai Chi Forum for Health
T'ai Chi Union
General Information on the Lake District
Yogaplus - Holidays with Yoga & T'ai Chi in Crete
Saros - Foundation for the Perpetuation of Knowledge
Sareoso - Basque Mystery Tradition
Sacred Texts of the world
Yoga & Indian Mythology
Nick Inman, Writer. Plus articles & photographs of Spain