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Yvonne Saunders

Those of us who knew Yvonne through Tai Chi were saddened to learn of her death on the 15th September. Yvonne was always a vibrant presence despite her numerous health problems which she steadfastly ignored whilst in class. Few realise that she was a pioneer in teaching Tai Chi way back in the seventies and eighties, and that this dedication to expanding her horizons also led her to be involved with the Transcendental Meditation technique, the circle dancing movement, massage and the healing arts, to name but a few. She was described at her funeral by the Quaker meeting in her home of Penrith as a "seeker" and there was always a strong spiritual questioning in everything she approached. After her recent difficulties of a failed kidney transplant and a stroke, Yvonne made her own decision to bow out of life gracefully. Those tai chi players that met her at classes, workshops and courses such as Tai Chi Caledonia, will have benefited from her colourful personality, her thoughtful teaching, insightful participation and sense of humour, and I'm sure would feel moved to join me in offering a heartfelt bow of respect. She will be much missed. Our condolences go to her daughter Zoe and all her family and friends.


Private Lessons

John is now available for Private Lessons in forms, weaponry, pushing hands, BaGua and Hsing Yi, as well as health Qigong.


Not Tai Chi, but

Taiko Drumming - Thunderdrummers Cumbria

Anyone who wants to have a go at the not-so-martial art of Taiko Drumming on big drums from Japan, is welcome at Dee's class on a Monday Evening at Goodly Dale School Windermere 7.30 - 9pm, email Dee for more details